How to Start a blog and make money online

How to start a Blog step by step

Hey guys i hope you all are doing great in your life and will continue doing great further too. You must be interested in making money online that the reason you are here reading this post. Lets see how to start a blog and make money online.

How to Start a blog and make money online

If you are really interested in msking money online then let me tell you guys that you are in the right place. Here i always share my experience to earn money online.

Specially about blogging tips and tricks to earn money online from it.So In this article we will talk about how you can start a blog even if you are a job doing guy or a school going student and can earn a lot of money online. As many bloggers are doing so.

So for starting a money making blog you will need some things through which you will be able to make your presence in the Internet or i will say mostly google. Therefore we will talk about each of the thing one by one. So stick till the end of this post to know the right way to start a blog and earn money online from blogging.

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Here are some list of things you need to start a blog

1. A laptop/ computer

2. An Internet connection

3. A domain

4. A good and trusted hosting

5. And some patience…

BASIC KNOWLEDGE REGARDING OUR TOPIC (Start a blog and make money online)

Starting from domain and hosting:-

DOMAIN:- A domain is the name of your website for which people will know about your website for example GOOGLE.COM, HOLDBLOGGING.COM these are the domain name of the website. Any user can come to your website by simply typing the domain name in any search engine.

HOSTING:- Smartphone have been provided with the memory card to store the songs, photos and videos. Likewise domain is our mobile phone and the hosting is our memory card in which all the data of the domains are store.

A hosting has many technical terms like Bandwidth, Monthly visitors, RAM and many more thing. I made you understand hosting in a very simple manner. However If you still have any query you can just ask the question in comment box ans I will surely reply to your comment.

If you want to know more about Hosting and Domain watch this complete video

We have two options to start a blog

1. To start a blog in

2. To start a blog in WordPress

Lets see each of them one by one clearly


To start in you don’t need to buy a hosting which will cost you around 5k-7k(INR) at starting. You also get a free domain that is domain which i personally don’t recommend. Because these domains are not a high authority domain and the chances to rank on google is probablly low.

So i always recommend people to buy a Custom Domain from any domain provider. One should at least spend some money in buying a Domain if you are a bit serious in learning blogging and are interested in making money online.

However your blogger will to the job of storing your data your website which i explained earlier in the article. But guys all these where the discussion on which is not as effective as wordpress website.


WordPress has completely changed the digital field after coming in the market it became very easy for the people to make a website with ZERO coding knowledge. Yes guys you heard that right you can create a stunning website with the help of wordpress without coding knowledge. In wordpress we get different kinds of tools to perform a specific task which is known as PLUGIN.

If you are really interested in starting a blog and make money online then you should definitely go with wordpress. For that you need a hosting to which your website will be hosted. I will cost you around 4k – 5k Indian rupees.

You can purchase it from any good hosting provider like BLUE HOST, A2HOSTING, HOSTINGER and many more in the market.

Working in the wordpress is worth your hard work but in blogger you only learn about blogging. You only get to know about the terms of blogging in As it’s article is not attractive to google crawlers.

Now it totally depends upon you that which platform you are going to choose. I recommend you to choose wordpress from my side.

You have chosen a platform now its time to choose about the topic about which you are going to write


Niche section or topic selection is the factor which defines your earning, Choosing a highly competitive niche and working in that won’t give you the result you always wanted and at last you feel demotivated.

Many newbie come and go every day in this field because either they have not selected the right niche for there website or either they don’t have patience in them i mean to say that they want quick result as it is not a piece of cake.


Writing the article is one of the hardest thing for many blogger as it requires a lot of research about the topic. Because writing is a skill not everybody can do it properly and in the write way. Suppose you have all set in your website, you have done proper SEO you have chosen the write theme for your website. But will all this work if you have insufficient content in your website.

For writing the content you need a proper knowledge to HEADINGS SUBHEADINGS and many more things but don’t worry these all are the things which can be learn. All these are not the gift the god.


Newbies has a problem which needs to be noticed that they start writing about what ever they want or what ever they know. This method is completely wrong as you have no idea about the difficulty of keyword, search volume of the key word, websites on which it is ranking and many more factors.

Suppose I choose a word INTERNET then this particular keyword is very much difficult to rank at number one in Google. So we will say this word is highly competitive.

Doing the key word research is the most important thing before you start writing any blog. As you get to know the requirement about how much lengthy and informative your blog should be.


Learning proper SEO is the key factor by which you can rank your content in google very easily and quickly it’s full form is Search Engine Optimization. From the name of this we can get a little idea. Doing SEO to any of your post means optimizing your content for google search result. Doing so your content will by optimized for google search engine. And your content becomes illegible for to rank on google in top 10.


The main purpose of us is to earn money from the blog so to monetize it we can earn money online. There are hundreds of ways to monetize your blog like Google Adsense, Affiliate marketing, Promotions, Guest post. And many more ways to earn money from the blog.

The most commonly used are Adsense and Amazon affiliate marketing. Any one can join these two programs if you have a qaulity content in your blog.

This is how you can make a blog and earn money online.

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