How to Bring Traffic to your Blog 2021

Bring traffic to blog in 2021

Create a Blog? The most demanded topic” How to bring traffic to your blog” is here 

If you are not getting traffic, Then you are absolutely in the right place. 

What is traffic and how it is measured by?

Traffic is the number of users that interact to your blog and read the blog post. 

There are mainly 5 types of traffic- 

  • Search traffic- This type of searches depends on the the quality of SEO you have done to your blog post and domain. 
  • Referral traffic- In this traffic you refer someone t read out your blog post by just proving you site link.
  • Paid traffic- At the end of the day, you can also have paid traffics to your blog post, by prompting you blog post through Facebook ads. 
  • Direct traffic- In this kind of traffic, people remember you domain name for the value you provided them in your last blog post. And they come back again by typing your domain name in the search box.  
  • Social traffic- By the name you can get some idea about social traffic. If you are thinking that getting social traffic means getting traffic from social media then you are absolutely correct.

Ways to get traffic to our blog:- 

1. Proper on page SEO

Guys we al know that search engines are machines, and they don’t know the language that we humans speak. So to make them under stand about which topic your article is you need to do on page SEO. 

To get help about this topic you can install SEO plugins if you are in wordpress. Some of the SEO plugins that I personally use YOAST SEO and another one which are getting very popular these days in the market is RANK MATH.

 FOR BLOGGER USERS: How to write SEO friendly article: The Ultimate guide 

But guys let me tell you that, don’t expect that from the first day onwards you will start receiving traffics. It does not work like that. One page SEO means you made you content understandable to the search engines. 

If you are a new blogger then let me tell you that you should give a minimum time of 6 months to get your blog recognized by google or any other search engines. 

Fun fact: Google has it’s sand box and if your website’s age is below 1 year it keeps your blog in the sand box because it does not trust new websites. 

2. Make your social presence-To bring traffic to your blog 

Making your social presence on all the social media platform is very necessary these days. With the help of social media like twitter, Facebook, Linked in, Instagram you can boost your traffic above your expectations. 

These are the platforms where people from all around the world are available. If your content is genuinely informative and once got viral it can give a lot of traffic to you blog. 

And it will give signal to search engines that your content is really informative. And hence it will improve your ranking. If you have till now not made any social presence definitely do this work before reading this article. Because all I want is your improvement.

3. Write problem solving Content

Before writing a content always ask yourself a question ” Is this wroth writing? Do somebody search for this?” Doing this thing you will get a clear idea about writing a genuine article, and that’s what people want. 

Do proper research about the topic which you are writing, but guys wait people confuse about keyword research and research about the content. Both have a huge difference. 

Suppose you wrote an article and did all the required SEO to rank on the top, and somehow it ranked on the top. But guys, the reads will automatically bounce back (press the back button) if your article is not worthy to read. 

And your ranking will decrease day by day, and guys if your ranking decreases through this method, it becomes very difficult to rank it up. 

So always keep on mind that “Quality is better than quantity” and so focus on writing problem solving article. And this is a great method about ” How to bring traffic to your blog”. 

4. Take Blogging as a Business 

The day when you will start taking it as a business, it will start growing. Don’t do any spams like getting traffic from an adult website or many more spam like that. 

How to Bring Traffic to your Blog 2021

One words for thousand is that you be a ” Genuine person” and start producing better content day by day. 

Many people just write post to get traffic or get more views, but your first and for most dusty should be to provide valuable content to the reader. So that they remember your domain name.

And in future when they will search for some topic they will ultimately type your domain name and come to your blog. And from there you will get direct traffic.  And you ranking will ultimately improve. 

5. Use Pinterest  -To bring traffic to your blog 

Pinterest is both a search engine and a social media platform too. People these days are mostly focusing about getting traffic from google but that’s not the only source. 

You can get a lakhs of traffic from Pinterest per month. If you have t be active in that platform and work sincerely for minimum 5 months. Yes guys, here I don’t say any fake trick that you o this and that you traffic will boom ultimately. 

Genuine things always takes time and hence getting huge traffic from Pinterest will take time. But you will start seeing results within 1-2 months. So don’t delay just start. 

If you want full course on Pinterest you can comment down below, i will surely start a series in that topic. 

6. Built a community– To bring traffic to your blog 

This can be one of the difficulty job for many of us, but once you establish a community no matter what, your traffic is fixed. You can create a Facebook group. Like most of the bloggers do. 

But before thinking of getting people engage in your community, ask your self ” Why people will join my community” and that will give you a clear direction. 

First of all you should give them reason to join your community. Like you can help them in they problem related to your niche. In your Facebook group description you can write catchy words like ” Get all your queries resolved”. 

These things attracts people and they join your community.

7. Use pop ups- To bring traffic to your blog 

Using pop ups helps people to subscribe your blog. That means whenever you will publish anew post they will get notified instantly. This things helps you to create a fixed audience. 

And when the same audience comes back to your blog to read out your blog post, this gives a positive signal to Google to rank your blog. 

Definitely use a pop up window for your blog. But one thing to keep in mind that they should not be irritating which can ruin the user experience. 

8. Be fully aware about your Niche

When it comes to blogging the main thing is your niche. A thousand of bloggers come and go on a daily basis. But what keeps you going is getting paid for your work. 

Believe it or not but our ultimate goal is to earn money from our blog. But when the bloggers choose a highly competitive niche they fail and quit. 

The main purpose of choosing this point is that, one should be completely aware about the niche. He/she should not write what they will.

9. Write click worthy titles

Suppose, your article is ranking in top but you have not paid attention in writing a catch title for your blog. Believe me users will not click on your article.

They will skip and go to other blog post. So never ever compromise in giving time in writing Blog post Title. It should be short and informative, for this you can watch a couple  of videos on YouTube bout copy writing. 

10. Write often

Apart every thing, search engines loves updated and fresh content. Updating your content regularly will definitely do the job. Most of the bloggers make mistakes that, 

They think once they wrote the content and there work is over. But this is a kind of secrete that many people don’t say. About updating your content. 

The more you write the more fresh content you get and ultimately the more traffic.

P.S.- Writing more content does not means that you are going to compromise with the quality of the content.     

11. Adding Social Sharing Buttons 

Yes, I agree that it is possible to share your blog post by copying your link. But the users generally don not take this headache of copying the link and sharing your blog post. 

You need to provide a one click sharing option to your readers. Through which they can share easily which ever post they want. And sharing buttons plays a very important role in making your content viral. 

And once your content is viral you all ready know the result. Cheers!

12. Add multimedia

Adding multimedia makes your article more interesting and engaging to the user. It also increases the average time of your site. Photos and video are the thing which are more liked by the users. 

How to Bring Traffic to your Blog 2021

Adding Alt text in your images increases the change to rank the images that you have used in your blog post. And from there also one can get a huge traffic.  

13. Guest posting -To bring traffic to your blog 

It might seems very old techniques to you but, proven one of the best way to create backlinks for your site. 

Search the blogs which has same targeted audiences which you have and approach them to allow you to write a blog post. And while writing a blog post you can simply add a ” Dofollow” backlink to your site. 

It is a win win situation you get the backlinks and the other partner get a quality from your side. 

14. Use numbers in your title

Yes, using numbers in the title makes the title more click worthy. And specially the Odd numbers when used, they put a different kind of effect in our mind. Here are some of the examples of the titles. 

“11 Proven ways to bring traffic to your blog” Or “Bring a large amount of traffic to you blog” 

Which one is more eye catchy, without any doubt the first one is more eye Cathy and hence click worthy. 

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