How can Bloggers make Money

Ever wondered that how these bloggers are making millions of money? 

Are they only using AdSense to make a good amount of money? 

Well, if your are searching answers for questions like this, then absolutely you are in the right place. 

We are going to discuss the mediums through which a blogger can generate a handsome amount of money and can earn his living.

How can Bloggers make Money

 But for this the main thing you need is to get traffic to your website. traffic is the root of making money form any of these medium.

Whether it is a paid traffic from advertisement or traffic from social media or even organic. 

So you need traffic to your blog to generate income from your blog

Let me give you an understandable example- 

Suppose you opened a shop in your area, now what you all need is the customer to your shop so that they can buy from you.

And without the customers no any business can run for a long period of time and so is blogging. 

But one more question arises here that is, Why people will buy from you? Is there anything that you are providing and others are not?

So likewise you need to provide a great quality content that actually solves the problem of people. 

Basically you need to find the problem and give the solution to the people who is reading out your post. 

Never ever try to copy the content of others, you can’t fool google it is much smarter than we think. 

One more thing guys that blogging is a real business, here you get paid for your hard work and patience. 

So let’s get started with the main topic which is ” How can boggers make money” 

#1 AdSense

Our most beloved method that widely used by the bloggers to generate his/her first income. Why i have kept AdSense at number 1 position? 

Because it is the most easy way of earning through blogging. A newbie can also start his/her income and get motivated to work more further. 

Those who does not know about AdSense let me explain a bit more them. 

AdSense is a google product that allows any website owner or any application owner to advertise his advertisement in there platform for which the owner get paid. 

It pays your money directly into your bank account. 

Don’t just believe me here are some live examples of bloggers who are earning a lot of money via AdSense

Jasapal Singh


Income Source:- Google AdSense

World Alexa ranking:- 73,351

Earning:-  5,00,000/month

Amit Aggarwal 


World Alexa ranking:- 12,675

Earning from AdSense:-  $25,000 per month (approx)

Reasons why AdSense is a good source to start income:-

  • It is the easiest way to earn from blogging without any disruption 
  • You get paid genuinely for what you deserve out of your work. 
  • You get High CPC ( cost per click ) if your traffic is from western countries.
  • Since a newbie does not have a good connection with other bloggers to do stuffs like guest post to earn money, they can just start there income without depending upon others.
  • A trustworthy platform as it is a google product.

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2 Sponsorship {The most important how bloggers make money}

If you are a pro blogger, get lots of traffic or even moderate traffic then Congrats! you did it. 

You opened one more source of income from your blog. As we all guys know that digital world is growing very fast. 

People also want to promote there product or services through online medium. For this purpose they approach digital entrepreneurs to help them out. 

They just make an agreement with a website owner or a YouTube channel owner. And pay some amount of money  to them.

And in return they ask to write a post or to make videos about there product or service. I hope you got the point clearly.

If not let’s understand this with an example

Suppose you launched a mobile application in the market, now what you need is more downloads to your app. 

Now you want to advertise that application so that it reach to more and more people in the market. So as to increase your profit.

So what you will do is that, you will search for youtubers or a blogger that write posts or makes videos related to apps and mobile. Then definitely you will approach them.  

And as they are not going to make video or write post for you for free, you will pay some amount of money. 

This means you are advertising your app and in return you are getting more downloads to your app and also bloggers and youtubers are getting paid. 

So basically this is a win win situation for both of you.  

Because there are many bloggers who just do sponsorship and nothing else and are generating Millions of revenue. 

But wait just don’t believe me you can see yourself

Let me give you some live example of bloggers who made lakhs of revenue just by doing sponsorships.

I hope all the points are clear to you. One more important thing guys that many companies won’t come by herself you have to approach them. 

And tell that you are the owner of this site, about your niche, your monthly visitors and DA of your website. You get paid for these things mainly. 

3  Bloggers can make money by adding  Affiliate links

Have your ever thought how amazon and other multinational companies sell this much amount of product. And we don’t even see a lot of banners here nd there inn the market. 

But then also these companies are making billions, Ever wondered? 

I have the answer for this and I’m gonna share this with you the main thing they they do is that they start there own affiliate program.

And people add the affiliate link to there blog and they generate sales and earn commission of some percent.  

Suppose you are reviewing a newly launched smartphone then you can also add ” Buy now” with you affiliate link in it. 

Pro tip: Affiliate marketing is one of the best way to earn because it does not requires a lot of traffic and all the traffics are targeted traffic. 

4 Selling private Ads

When it comes to advertisement it’s not like only talking about google AdSense. But if your blog receives high traffic companies will approach you.

Or sometimes you have to approach them to place there banner ads in your blog and the amount they pay for just placing an Ad is completely acceptable. 

This Ads comes in the form of banner, buttons or even links. If they are not interested in promoting through Ads you can approach them and can promote through writing sponsored post. For all this you have to approach them.

You can charge for this to your advertising partner monthly if you are placing banner ads or writing sponsored post. And for the link ads you can charge one-time. 

It totally depends upon you that how you can convince to your advertising partners. You should be good at convincing skill. And with this method bloggers can make money that are acceptable. . 

Pro tip: You have to write “sponsored by” or “Brought to you by” to get paid. 

5 Sell your digital products 

If you are not interested in promoting others product than you can create your own product and sell them through your blog. Now let’s discuss what are the products you can sell

  • eBooks 
  • Online Courses
  • Videos, Images, music
  • Apps, themes, plugins

For selling out something from your blog you should definitely listen to you readers that what actually they want. Many bloggers make a very common mistake that is, they don’t filter out the demands of reader that about which topic they want a product from your side. You first need to study your readers and there interest in.

Pro tip :- Always put your logo in your every digital products so that others can not use it. 

6 Bloggers make money through Lead Generation

Generating leads ultimately increase your income in many ways it  increase the traffic in your website. It is more helpful in doing e-mail marketing. 

A blogger can do e-mail marketing too, and can generate a good amount of money by adding affiliate links this is the most profitable method through which bloggers make money. Let’s see how 

Suppose you wrote a review about any product and now you want to bring targeted readers to read out your article and you want that they buy the products from your link. 

In this case you can do e-mail marketing, you can first generate leads     (collect email ids) and then you can send emails to all those e-mail ids. By using this technique many bloggers are making crores of rupees. 

The best part about email marketing according to me is that only the targeted people come to your blog post and out of 100 people 80 people ends up buying the product. 

You can collect the email ids by telling your readers to subscribe your blog. 

Now let’s see some of the people who made a handsome amount of money via E-mail marketing. These are some of the techniques that a blogger can use to earn money from his/blog. 

Pro tip:- Give reason to people to enroll with there  mail id. Why they will give there email address to any one. You must provide some value to them. So that they will enroll without hesitation.

Guys  sincerely advice you to implement the things which you read above. Only knowledge can’t do  anything until you do it practically.

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