Get Adsense Approval in your Website with these steps

Started a blog? Now it’s time to learn how to get adsense approval.

Wrote more than 20 quality articles?

In brief it’s time to fulfil the main purpose of starting a blog.

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However, mostly people start a blog to share their experience with the world and for that they get paid by monetizing it.

At last people prefer mostly ADSENSE to monetize there first blog as it has many a good paying rate.

Meanwhile I am going to tell you step by step guide how you can apply for google adsense and what are some my personal tricks.


Mandatory pages you need to make before applying to adsense





AFFILIATE DISCLOSURE [ if you use any affiliate programme]

Apply for Adsense:-

Then this Dialogue box will appear, Click on SIGN UP NOW

How to get ADSENSE approval in 2020

Then again one dialogue box will appear as shown below

How to get ADSENSE approval in 2020

Finally Fill the necessary details correctly

  • Click on Yes, send me customised help and performance suggestions
  • Click on save and continue

Now adsense will send you a code that you need to past on you site.

Then Copy the code from your email address and paste it on your site

After that click on yes i have paste it

So now your site is under review by the experts in ADSENSE it takes upto 2 weeks maximum.

Now you get to know how to apply for adsense and get approval.

But it does not end here we need to keep some points in our mind before applying to adsense. Also I’m going to tell you the methods by which your adsense request will not be rejected.

So the first thing is

Unique content: Guys you might have heard this multiple times but this is the most important part for adsense approval. Also Google have a very strong plagiarism checker which can detect very easily if you have copied content.

So never ever copy and paste from other websites. Simultaneously you need to have a unique content that matches with no other. We all have our own uniqueness so why not to use them.

Time period: You must have a scheduled routine time and a proper gap in Publishing your article. In Fact this shows adsense that how committed and punctual you are towards your content.

Copyright free images/videos: This thing also helps a lot in making your content unique in plagiarism checker. Also you can get copyright free images from sites like Pixabay and all other platforms.

Length of the article: You always need to write a quality content, one should always keep in mind that content is the king so never ever compromise in creating an informative content. It also helps in boosting your SEO score.

These were some basic things you should keep in mind to get adsense approval in 2020.

Advantages of Adsense

1. Great source of income
2. High paying rate in comparison to other
3. Highly secure [ as it is a google product]
4. High potential
5. Can generate a source of income with less effort
6. More number of visitors = More money
7. Available in all google platforms

Disadvantage of Adsense

1. A bit difficult to get approval
2. Accounts get closed when you do even a single mistakes
3. Need more page views to earn
4. Cannot create 2 or more adsense account
5. You get ad limit sometimes which effects your earning badly
6. Strict policy

FAQs on Adsense approval

Is adsense still profitable in 2020?

Yes, i would say this is a great source of income for many so why it can’t be yours. I have some sites with adsense and they bring me a revenue every month. So you should definitely go for this. if you want a decent amount in beginning.

How to check if my adsense account is approved?

You can see this by just logging in into your adsense dashboard. You can see ads running in your site. (Pro tip:- You should not click on the ads which is running on your site)

How much traffic do you need for adsense approval?

There is no such limitations regarding on the traffic you get. You can apply for adsense if you have met all the terms and condition for adsense. A blog with zero traffic can also get adsense approval.

How can i get google adsense approval in 1 minute?

There is no such methods to get adsense approval in 1 minute. If someone claims to get the approval in 1 minute he must be a half knowledged person. The minimum time requirement is 3-5 hours, and Point to be noted:- That is the minimum time requirement.

How much money does adsense pay?

Google charge advertiser per click on ads. Publishers get 68% of the click amount or 51% when it comes to adsense for search. The commission you get heavily depends on the CPC ( cost per click) rate of your niche.

Is google adsense safe?

It continues to be very safe and has a great stability. As it is a google product one can trust it. You just need to play by the rules of this program.

I hope all the points are clear in your about how to get adsense approval. If you have any query comment down below.

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