How to earn money online in India

Earn Money Online in India step by step guide.

earn money online in india

Well, let me ask you a question is it possible to live/survive without money in this highly competitive world? Definitely not So, to spend our living we all need money. But do you guys know that How to earn money online in India for which you don’t even need to be a man with highly qualified degree.

Because the methods which I’m gonna share with you is how you can earn money online which means through internet. So, Yes you heard that right.

Because Many entrepreneurs arises everyday by earning money online in India, most of them have taken the help of digital world.

So, why not you, If they can be you also can be on of them. But, guys let me clear that I’m here not going to tell any idea or any kind of magic that can make you rich overnight.

Because the methods which i’m gonna discuss here requires consistency and a bit hard work. Because earning money online in india is not as easy as apiece of cake. But, not to worry about how to do and what to do, I’m here to explain each and every methods step by step.

The only thing you have to do is to stick till the end of this post and read the article/blog carefully to avoid any kind of misunderstanding.

Quick introduction for you about earning money online in India

  • Earning money online is not a get rich quick scheme
  • Stay away from Data Entry and all such kind of jobs
  • It requires hard work and patience to earn money online
  • If you are in need of money borrow from your friends or family or either go for a loan and work hard to pay it.

Here are some Methods to earn money online in India

#1 Earn money online from Blogging

Yes guys you read that right blogging has a lot of potential in it if you can create a blog which is capable enough to attract audience then from there your unlimited stream of income can be opened like affiliate marketing. And now a days affiliate marketing commision is upto 50% which is the highest commission till date. Because it is one of they method which is proven effective to earn money online in India.


What is Blogging?

It means writing content about a particular topic which is helpful for the audience which come thorough search engine mialy from google.

what are the requirements for blogging?

Blogging requires a website to which you will be publishing the content. And a Hosting to which your domain will be hosted. Although (It may sound very technical to you but it is not). So my recommendation is to start with which is a google product and performs like a hosting. Because at starting you are only going to learn things.

Because Starting with blogger won’t cost you much the only cost you have to pay is for domain. You can go with its default/free domain but i don’t recommend that. So better to go with a custom domain that cost around 500-600 maximum.

How much time it takes to give income?

It takes minimum 3-4 months. As i always say blogging requires patience and consistency to earn money online in India. If you follow this two tips than you are definitely going to be a successful blogger in future one day earning lots of passive income through this.

Will Blogging survive in future?

Definitely, blogging is going to survive till the existence of humans. You can ask HOW? The answer is people will never stop to read though today’s generation prefer to watch video, but most of the video made by them are either they watch video or they read article.

I hope you got the point. Isn’t? If yes then lets move to the other topic.

Here is a total guide to start blogging.

#2 Earn money online from Freelancing

One question to you guys, What was the word stricted deeply in you mind? If it was FREE then you are going right. Because we can see the name of Freelancing itself has FREE in it that means you can do work freely from anywhere in the world.

how to earn money online in India

So freelancing allows you to do someone’s other work for which you can charge money. Therefore many people use this method to earn money online in India even college going students. Isn’t is awesome guys?

You will be getting paid for your skills what more can you expect. Register yourself in and you can sell your skills there.

Works you can do as a freelancer:-


These are some of the examples for which you can do freelancing and can earn a lot of money. People who are in website designing field at a high post on fiverr are handling the website of big companies and also helps small startups to grow.

You can be also on of them if you really have some skills that help and add some value to their life. In this digital world if anybody needs some kind of help they simply rush to to get there work done.


How can I start freelancing in India?

Freelancers typically get there project from online medium they generally receive there freelance project from Fiverr, Upwork or Iwriter. Freelancers also get projects from there onsite this is only possible when freelancers have a network of client.

How much does a freelancer earn money online in India?

An average earning of most freelancers in India is upto 20 lakhs per annum. The report of Paypal says that 23 percent of the freelancers surveyed for the report earned rupees 60 lakhs a year.

How do I start freelancing?

Steps to start a freelancing business:-

  • Identify your talent and learn skills according to that
  • Define your goal
  • Identify your targeted audience
  • Set a reasonable price for your service
  • Market your work through google and social media platforms
  • Create a high quality portfolio website
  • Put some examples of what service you can provide to them

Is Freelancing illegal in India?

Yes it is. Many IT companies don’t want that there employee work as a freelancers as it cause the lack of employee to the company. Because the companies have estimated capital to give to there employee And as a freelancer one can earn a lot.

Though there is no solid reason for this but companies don’t want that there worker should shift to freelancing.

Which line is best for freelancing?

The highly valued freelancing skills are:-

  • Graphic Designer
  • Coding skills
  • Marketer
  • SEO expert
  • Audio/video/photographer
  • Logo designer

How do freelancers get paid?

They can accept payment in credit cards if there bank account is enabled to accepts international transactions. Another way of getting paid is through PayPal.


#3 Earn money online from YouTube videos

Yes guys, people with YouTube channel are making a lot of money through it. But again it requires consistency and a bit hard work. But if you are going to follow your passion then a bit hard work is obvious.

how to earn money online in india

In today’s world the videography is at it’s boom like no other time. YouTube was found on 2005 since then people are using it as a source of income and the best thing is that it is a source of passive income.

You can monetize your channel with google adsense and can place ads in between of your video. By which you get paid by google for running ads on your video. If you gain more subscribers you get SPONSORSHIPS from the companies and for that you can charge them accordingly.

Topics on which you can make videos

  • Tour Vlog channel
  • Finance Adviser
  • Tips and tricks
  • Roast channel
  • Educational Channel
  • Comedy videos channel

Guys these are the categories of channels whose content gets viral quickly. So you can choose topic according to you choice. You can also earn through affiliate marketing from youtube and believe me guys it gives a great conversion rate.


How many views do you need from YouTube to earn money online?

YouTube has it’s policy that when you complete 4,000 hours of watch time and One Thousand subscriber you will be eligible to monetize your channel. which means YouTUbe will allow you the permission to run ads on your channel.

How do you get paid your online earned money by YouTube?

You get paid through the ads you are running in your channel. YouTube pays you the money to the bank account in which you have linked adsense account.

Can you really earn money online from YouTube?

The accurate answer is it depends on you that buy which method you want to earn money from youTube either it is from Affiliate product’s link or it is a sponsor or either it is from adsense. In all the cases you will earn money through YouTube.

How many views do you need to get 1$ from YouTube?

Based on category of channel on which you are working. To make 1,000$ from youtube you will need almost a view of half a million. An average earning is reported $2 from 1,000 views.

Do you need 1000 subscribers to get paid?

Yes, to monetize your channel from Google Adsense you will need a minimum 1,000 subscriber and 4,000 watch time.

Learn here how to make youtube videos

#4 Earn money online from Facebook and Instagram

These days instagram has become a major source of earning for many people who have a good number of follower on instagram and a good number of followers on facebook too. You might think how it is even possible, How we can earn money from these two apps/site, we don’t see any EARNING sections on these apps?

Yes guys your thinking is completely acceptable. But let me tell you that these apps/site help us to earn through sponsorships and affiliate marketing.


Steps to do affiliate marketing from Instagram:-

  • Choose the affiliate partner
  • Choose the product
  • Provide the details

And you are all set get the link and place it into your instagram BIO SECTION and do post relate to your affiliate product. The post shown should be eye catchy that everyone loves and will visit to your link provided in bio.

if you have a good number of followers you can also approach to the brands which make products like shampoos, Soaps, Perfumes etc. For that you can charge accordingly from the brands.


Again guys you can approach brands for there promotions on your page and can charge accordingly.


#5 Earn money online by Becoming a Content writer

For some people writing content is the toughest job as it requires concentration and good knowledge of grammar. So they find someone who can write there content according to their choice and need. And the best thing in this field is that you can charge according to your wish once your customer is satisfied.

There are few sites where you can register yourself as a content writer and can earn money upto $100 per content. nd I recommend this work because it not only benefits the customer but it also benefits you in many ways like improving concentration being in discipline and many more.

My recommendation is to join iwriter as they pay a good amount of money from your work.


#6 Learn Stock Market Trading and earn money online

Stock markets are where investors come to buy and sell shares of a company the more profitable share you have the more you make buy selling it.

how to earn money online in india

You don’t need much money to earn from the above mentioned ways, but you need to invest some in this business to buy the shares.

Always buy a low priced share in begging of it or i will say invest more in learning in beginning which will help you to pick up the profitable share for you.

If you consistently give time in learning stock market trading then no one can stop you to become a good stock market trader.

You can analyse the price of stocks from a website called finology it’s a free tool to investigate about any company share.

Because Nowadays there are many options available from where you can buy and sell shares through your smartphone some of the applications/apps are ZERODHA, GROW, UPSTOCKS and many more in the market from where you can buy and sell shares and can even open a demat account for free.

FAQs on stock market

How do beginners make money in the stock market?

  • Buy low sell high
  • Short sell high and buy back at low
  • Always keep eye on market

Can i earn daily from stock market?

Yes you can also earn daily from stock market. But for that you should indulge in intraday trading which means buying stocks and selling them on same day.

How much can you earn from the stock market?

An average of up to 3x-5x of money that you have risked, that means if you have risked for $100 you will be able to make $3000-5000 if you are a good trader.

What is the right time to buy stocks?

The right time to buy stocks is when the price of stocks is less as compared to other day as the right time to sell it is when its value is high.

Many people panic and sell there stocks when the value of stocks goes down.


#7 Earn money online with Affiliate Marketing

Doing affiliate marketing is somewhat similar to runner a retailer shop, you tie up with affiliate partners and promote your favourite products from there websites or so called shopes.

And some of the most used affiliate partners are Amazon affiliate and Flipkart. Basically you get commission when you promote their product on your social media account or website. when someone buys that particular products from your link you get paid some percent. It varies from product to product.

You can promote your affiliate link in facebook groups and online forums and also write reviews about the product on linkedin, Quora and on Medium.

When the people will get attracted to your post and it is obvious that they will click the link and will be redirected to amazon or flipkart site.

And since the cookie period for amazon is 24 hours so whenever a person buys anything from amazon within 24 hours you will get the commission for that.


#8 Start your Own Startup

A startup is a small business which provides some kind of product or service to the customers. A good startup is generally headed by a team of 3 to 4 people. Start up these days are growing very rapidly by using digital marketing strategy.

Therefore the innovations like zomato, swiggy, Ola and Uber where some day a small startups and now you can see there market value. As a result they are generating a revenue of crores, The main formula to keep going your startup is patience and hardwork.

Most importantly in India a scheme is launched called STARTUP INDIA which helps small startups to grow and provide employment to the people of the country.


Many says these startups and all are very risky but you should keep in mind that where there is a risk there is a high profit in the long run.

You should always choose the products or service which is in high demand in the market as well as you need to monitor your competitors too. Remember guys

You don’t need any formal education to learn something or to succeed in any field.

#9 Handle Social Media Pages

Handling social media pages is not a tough job but first you need to find the customer who wants there social media pages to be handled by others.

In this field finding the client is the toughest job and this is the reality that no one tells. You will have to approach the client if they want to give you there social media handles. Earlier it was said that it is no that easy to earn money online in india.

Though we have so many scopes for earning money online in india but those are not the easy one. Many says about copy and paste work but guys believe me those are scams and nothing else.

You can go and approach to a person who has good number of followers on social media or any Big Restaurant or any party club and can handle there social media pages and can charge accordingly.

You should definitely go with this option as it does not requires more skills as we all know to handle social media properly.


How to get social media handling work?

Approach a personality who has a good number of followers on social media they always are in search for a person who can deal with all his messages everyday. You can contact them through their instagram just DM them everyday one day they will definitely reply Lol…

You can also approach the big restaurant and party clubs every clubs and restaurant have facebook or instagram page nowadays.

How much money can by doing social media handling job?

Many people say that they get 30k or 40k of money by just handling the pages that totally false guys don’t believe them.

Genuine answer is you can only charge upto 10k to 15k maximum or if you want to earn more than that you will have to handle the pages of many people.


You are till the end of this post which means you are an action taker and are interested in making money online.

Doing any work for 20 minutes is far better than thinking about the work for 20 hours.

Start your online journey from today itself if you fail then also it’s fine because you are many steps ahead from them who are not even trying to do something. Keep patience and work hard. Your dream will surely get fulfilled.

But for all those things first you have to take action.

So guys these are the techniques through which you can earn money online in India. Share with your friends and encourage them to make a source of income of their own.

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