How to Create Amazon Affiliate website: The Ultimate guide

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Lear how to create an Amazon affiliate website which makes $1500 to $2000 per month. In this article we will be discussing all the points related to amazon affiliate website.

So are you excited? I know you are, so let’s get started.

1. What is Amazon Affiliate Site?

A website that deals in promoting the product of AMAZON and convincing the audience to purchase the product so to earn some sort of commission. Amazon pays different amount of commission for the different category of products.

2. Types of Amazon Affiliate Website

  • E-commerce amazon affiliate website:- This type of website are the kinds of websites that only lists the products of amazon directly into there website. These type of websites have zero possibilities to rank on google. You have to promote these kind of website through google ads or Facebook ads
  • Product review/guide affiliate site:- These types of website have higher chance to rank on google. As it contains you own written content. This is considered as the best type of website to do amazon affiliate marketing because it does not requires any other investment rather than hosting and domain.

3. Platforms for creating Amazon affiliate website

There are various platforms available to create amazon affiliate website. Some of them are free of cost and some of them are paid. I never recommend anyone to create amazon affiliate website in a free platforms. 

That’s because free platforms does not performs good when it comes to SEO. Always prefer to go for the paid one as they have undefinable benefits.

Free platforms:-

Paid platforms:- (recommended)

You are going to start a real business, and you have to put some investment in it to get the fruitful results. And believe me guys affiliate business are the best kind of businesses.

It has a lot of potential to earn your living. If you are a person with patience and do a bit hard work then you are going to rock in affiliate marketing.

4. Things required to create amazon affiliate website

  • a. A domain name:-
    •   A domain name is something through which you website will be known as. In my case it is  

            b. A web hosting:- 

    • A web hosting is the pace where you website will be hosted. If you are a newbie go for the best and affordable web hosting.   

           c. A laptop and an internet connection 


Some patience (that most of the people does not have)

5. Websites that earns a lot from amazon affiliate

Source:- Ahrefs

The prepared

Domain Rating: 3​8

Number of referring domains: 901

Number of keywords it ranks for: 40,600

Estimated organic traffic: 31,900

Site age: 3 years

Estimated revenue: Unknown


Domain Rating: 69

Number of referring domains: 1,3​22

Number of keywords it ranks for: 136,000

Estimated organic traffic: 244,000

Site age: 4 years

Estimated revenue: Unknown

The dog food Advisor

Domain Rating: 80

Number of referring domains: 5,895

Number of keywords it ranks for: 203,000

Estimated organic traffic: 594,000Site age: 12 years

Estimated revenue: Unknown

These are some of the popular amazon affiliate websites that generates million $ revenue. So why not to start one, your website can be the next if you put efforts in it.

Now it’s you term to get started

6. How to choose profitable niche for your website

Choosing a profitable niche with having some interest in it is the most difficult job for everyone of us. There are millions of products listed on amazon.

So it is obvious that choosing a profitable and low competition niche would be difficult.

So to avoid these kind of things what you should do is to choose a micro niche.

Micro niche:- A micro niche means a niche about a simple product for example you can go for “best gaming laptops” ” best camera” “best non Chinese phones”  and many more topics like that.

Now it comes to choose the profitable product, that mans we have to choose a product that have a high commission rate. Here is the list of amazon associate program.

How to Create Amazon Affiliate website: The Ultimate guide

Pro tip:- Always choose a product that have minimum 4 to 5 % commission.

Huh! you got the idea about the commission rate I know you still might have confusion. So if you are facing problem in choosing you product than follow these steps:-

  • Open Amazon website/app
  • On the top left corner Click on option/All button
  • Now go to shop by department
  • Choose the department, it can be either electronic department or any other
  • You can see all the types of product listed on amazon.
  • Choose any one of them with a good commission rate

7. Create an Amazon affiliate Website

Step# 1 :- Choose a best domain name that suits your niche

Your domain name should be related to your niche, that if any new user reads it he/she will get an ideas that about which topic your website is.

Paying attention in these things increases the number of clicks your website gets.

There are plenty of websites from where you can get  your domain name registered. For example GoDaddy, HostGator, Name Cheap and many more in the market.

In my case I am taking the example of GoDaddy first of all we will have to log in to our GoDaddy account if you don’t have go daddy account.

Then create one it’s easy, If you are reading out this post you must be capable enough fort doing that.

So without wasting anytime in that basic thing let’s see how you can find your niche related domain.

  • Login to your account
  • Search for the domain name

Create Amazon Affiliate website

  • Then follow the next step

Create Amazon Affiliate website

  • Now enter the card details  

Create Amazon Affiliate website

Follow the next instruction and Congratulation!

You are among those 10% people who takes action instead of only thinking.

8. Affordable and Best web Hosting

Now all you need is an affordable webhosting so without any confusion I will recommend you Blue host.


Bluehost Web Hosting Review 2021 

#Best Hosting for Beginners in 2023 

Because it is a very powerful web hosting and can easily handle the initial traffic of your website.

To get a web hosting follow these steps

Step 1- Visit Blue host and see the plan package

I recommend you to go for the choice plus package because in future if you want to host another website you can do that also in this plan.


Step 2- Choose a Domain name or if You have one use that

Create Amazon Affiliate website

Use a domain name that is short and simple. And related to your niche, As we discussed above.

Step 3- Fill the account details

Create Amazon Affiliate website

Fill all the details correctly which are asked and you account will be created in Bluehost.

Step 4- Fill up you debit/credit card details

Create Amazon Affiliate website

Now at the bottom you need to agree with its terms and condition. So check the box and click on submit

After all these you have to click on check out button. For more details youcan check you email.

And congratulation you hosting and domain is ready. You have crossed a huge barrier to start an amazon affiliate website.

But wait this is not the end. You need to set up the website and customize it, Stick till the end to know more.

9. Install and set up WordPress

It is very easy to install WordPress in Bluehost, it hardly takes 5 to 8 minutes. Bluehost has made this very easy.

It is no like old times when you need to do it all manually and takes lot of time.

Go to your email address and from there you can log in to the customer area.

After that go ahead and login to Bluehost.

If you have followed all the steps and bought the domain an hosting you simply need to log in to your Bluehost.

And after that you will see a  screen like this

Now you need to access to your WordPress Dashboard:-  

To simply log in to your Dashboard click on “Login to WordPress”

Create Amazon Affiliate website

Now you will log in to your WordPress dashboard. There are still some works left in your WordPress dashboard, 

This post will completely help you out to do some SEO settings. You only need to stick till the end.

Step 1- Go to settings>> permalinks>> then select the “post name” >> Click on save changes

Step 2- Add some plugins

  • Smush- This plug in helps you to optimize your image, if your are writing an informative and lengthy article you need many images to put in the post. This plugin compresses the image and makes your website load faster.
  • Rank math- SEO plugin which helps you to write SEO friendly article.
  • Sassy social Share- Adds Social sharing buttons to your post. That encourages your user to share your post.
  • Site kit by Google- You don’t have to manually go to all the google tools. It has  everything in it. From where you can see all your website performance.
  • Elementor or Thrive Architect- A page builder that helps you to generate a professional blog post.
  • Akismet Anti-spam-  Helps to protect your websites through spams comments. And also protect if any bad moves are taken towards your website by other.

I personally use all these plugins and all my websites works perfectly

10. Choose a lite weight and attention grabbing theme

A good and lite weight theme is very important for any kind of website using any null or cracked them makes it easy for the hackers to hack your website.

A light lite weight theme ultimately makes your website to load faster and hence more convenient for the users.

I suggest  you to use generate press because its total size is only 1okb. Many bloggers use it because it is very easy to customize.

I also suggest you to use this theme. Because it would be easy for you to customize it.

For the customization process to Appearance>> Customize  and do all necessary customizations.

11. Apply for amazon affiliate program

Open Amazon website and create an amazon account

Now to to the bottom section of the website/app

Create Amazon Affiliate website

Let me know in the comment section if you want to a DETAILED guide on how you can create an Amazon Affiliate account in some easy steps.

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