Bluehost Vs Hostinger Comparison: Which Is Best?

Bluehost Vs Hostinger Comparison, Well, well, Well It’s the modern era and everything is going online, And so all the business.

Are you also trying to figure out the best Hosting between Bluehost and Hostinger?

If yes, then I am here to clear all your doubts after which you can clearly decide which hosting you should buy.

It is a bit difficult to choose among both because both are good hosting and provides a good service. But there are something which makes both of them a different one.

Let me clear you that in this comparison Bluehost wins! Reasons?

WordPress Approved- Bluehost is a well know hosting company that is helping a millions of websites to run on it’s hosting. And the people buy there hosting as soon as they hear that it’s BLUEHOST due to it’s speed and uptime guarantee.

It is also recommended by And it is the first recommendation of WordPress. But it does not end here. There are a lot more things that only this hosting posses. Keep reading Bluehost Vs Hostinger Comparison Blog. Cheers!

Bluehost Vs Hostinger Comparison: Which Is Best?

Uptime Guarantee- It provides you the uptime guarantee of 99.9% that always keeps your site alive. This factor is very important in term of SEO, Because google does not promote the sites which faces a huge down time frequently.

Flexible and Scalable- Bluehost plans have been designed to meet all your requirements and it can be further scaled without changing the hosting company. And also without facing any downtime to your website.

Single Click WordPress Installation- Bluehost is has amazing and easy C panel that helps you to set up a WordPress site in a Single click. The UI of Bluehost is optimized very well to meet all your expectations.


Bluehost Services

  • VPS hosting
  • Dedicated
  • WordPress Optimized
  • Online Store

These are the services that are offered by the Bluehost. And every plan that is offered by Bluehost is the best compared to it’s competition.

You will get to know the complete idea when you finish reading the article on Bluehost vs Hostinger Comparison.

Now let’s see each and every plan very closely and we will also discuss that which plan will be the best for you according to your requirement.

Current Offers On Bluehost

  • You Get the Benefits of Spring Sale which is currently running.
  • Regular renewal rates ( Which other companies have not provided yet.)
  • You get Free Domain for ONE year in Every Plan you buy

Hostinger Plan

  • Shared Web Hosting
  • Cloud Hosting
  • WordPress Hosting
  • C Panel Hosting
  • VPS Hosting
  • Minecraft Hosting
  • Cyber Panel VPS Hosting

As you can see that you get a variety of options in Hostinger. It also provides hosting at a very cheap price, Hence a Industry leader too. In fact Hostinger is the cheapest hosting provider in today’s market.

You will get the complete idea after reading out the blog post on Bluehost vs Hostinger Comparison.

Current Offers On Hostinger

  • You get Hosting only at $ 2.19/month
  • Free Domain for 1 year Worth $ 8.99
  • You get WordPress managed Hosting

Hostinger Shared Hosting

Let me clear you that the customer support of hostinger is too good even if you buy the shared hosting with the least features (cheapest).

Shared hosting of Hostinger provides you 3 types of Hosting that you can go for.

  • Single Web Hosting- In this Shared hosting you can host only a single website and there are a lot of limitations.
  • Premium Web Hosting- Hostinger offers you the freedom to host 100 websites in it’s Premium Web Hosting.
  • Business Web Hosting_ You can go for this if you are searching for cheap web hosting for your business.
Plan Features Single $0.99/moPremium $2.19/moBusiness $3.99/mo
Website 1100100
SSD Storage 30 GB100 GB200 GB
Monthly visits~10000UnlimitedUnlimited
Free SSL YES ($11.95 value)YES ($11.95 value)YES ($11.95 value)
Money Back Guarantee30 Days no Question30 Days no Question30 Days no Question
Daily BackupNoNOYES
Free CDN NONOYES ($9.95 value)
Database Size3 GB3 GB3 GB
Hostinger shared hosting Plan Features Chart

Bluehost Shared Hosting

The best part is that it gives you additional features that a hosting must have. In case your website got stolen by any one, Then If you have daily backup then you can restore it by contacting the team.

I hope you are enjoying the Bluehost Vs Hostinger Comparison. Cheers!

Bluehost offers you 4 types of Shared hosting at a very reasonable rate.

  • Basic- You can host only a single website and is a good choice for beginners. Or a very small business.
  • Plus- In this plan you can host unlimited websites with certain limitations.
  • Choice Plus- You can host unlimited websites and gives you unlimited SSD storage. It also comes with added privacy and security features.
  • Pro- You get the highest power with every single thing optimized. If you are running a multiple sites and have a bit high budget then you should definitely go for this.
Plan FeaturesBasic
Plus ($7.95/mo)Choice Plus ($8.95/mo)Pro ($16.95/mo)
SSD Storage50 GBUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Monthly visits~ 446,000~ 450,000~ 450,280Unlimited
Free SSLYesYesYesYes
Free Domain1 Year 1 Year1 Year1 Year
Money Back Guarantee30 Days30 Days30 Days30 Days
Daily BackupYes (additional fee required)
Free CDNYesYesYesYes
Database Size
Bluehost Shared hosting plan chart


Shared hosting of Hostinger is a value for money option. But if you are expecting that it will handle a lot of traffic then you are wrong.

Bluehost cost a bit high but it is a very powerful hosting and the SSD used in this hosting is way faster than hostinger. If you are planning to run online store and affiliate sites than go for Bluehost.

Hostinger Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting is something that gives the best speed to your site and performs very well. It always keeps your online business ON.

The cloud hosting of Hostinger is the only one in the market which provides you CLOUD hosting in the cheapest rate.

Hostinger Provides you Three Types of Cloud hosting:-

  • Cloud Startup ($ 9.99/mo) It is the lowest plan of cloud hosting. It can handle 300 websites and at the same time gives you the best speed to your site.
  • Cloud Professionals ($ 18.99/mo)It is the second and the most popular plan of cloud hosting. It also has 300 websites handling capacity but differs in SSD storage (250GB)
  • Cloud Global ($ 69.99/mo)- It is the 3rd plan of this category. And the interesting thing is that it is powered by Google Cloud. Which means there shouldn’t be any complain regarding speed and performance.


If you have a high traffic on your website and your budget is low than you can you for this hosting provider.

But if you think that you will run your site in Hostinger hosting permanently than let me clear you that, Although there hosting is value for money but there servers are not strong enough.

Advantages and disadvantages of Cloud Hosting

There shouldn’t be a comparison between Bluehost and Hostinger for Cloud Hosting because Bluehost does provides Cloud Hosting.

Bluehost Cloud Hosting

Bluehost no longer offers Cloud hosting. But you can go for the Dedicated hosting of this company. It will cost you a bit more than the Cloud hosting of Bluehost, But it is worth it. Bluehost no longer provides Cloud hosting

VPS Hosting Hostinger

Till here you must have liked Bluehost Vs Hostinger Comparison. Then let’s see the further comparison.

It provides you 6 plan for there VPS hosting:-


  • RAM- 1 GB
  • SSD Disk Space- 20 GB
  • Bandwidth- 1 TB
  • Dedicated IP- Yes
  • Full Root Access- Yes


  • RAM- 2 GB
  • SSD Disk Space- 40 GB
  • Bandwidth- 2 TB
  • Dedicated IP- Yes
  • Full Root Access- Yes


  • RAM- 3 GB
  • SSD Disk Space- 60 GB
  • Bandwidth- 3 TB
  • Dedicated IP- Yes
  • Full Root Access- Yes


  • RAM- 4 GB
  • SSD Disk Space- 80 GB
  • Bandwidth- 4 TB
  • Dedicated IP- Yes
  • Full Root Access- Yes


  • RAM- 6 GB
  • SSD Disk Space- 120 GB
  • Bandwidth- 6 TB
  • Dedicated IP- Yes
  • Full Root Access- Yes


  • RAM- 8 GB
  • SSD Disk Space- 160 GB
  • Bandwidth- 8 TB
  • Dedicated IP- Yes
  • Full Root Access- Yes

Bluehost VPS Hosting

In this hosting you get three Types of Plan, through which you can start your online business journey. Let’s see them one by one and at last I will make you clear that for which plan you should go according to your requirement.


  • Core- 2
  • SSD Storage- 30 GB
  • RAM- 2 GB
  • Bandwidth- 1 TB
  • IP Address- 1


  • Core- 2
  • SSD Storage- 60 GB
  • RAM- 4 GB
  • Bandwidth- 2 TB
  • IP Address- 2


  • Core- 4
  • SSD Storage- 120 GB
  • RAM- 8 GB
  • Bandwidth- 3 TB
  • IP Address- 2


Cores- There are cores available in every plan of Bluehost VPS Hosting. But in Hostinger it is not mentioned. Seriously telling I did not got the answer to the questions related to CORES on Hostinger.

As we saw that Bluehost offers only 3 types of Plan for It’s VPS hosting, Whereas on the other hand Hostinger provides 6 plans for it’s VPS hosting.

Let’s see more on Bluehost Vs Hostinger Comparison.

Now the question arises that, which one is Better? No doubt Bluehost has a strong server but it only provides 3 plans. If you have a good budget then you should go for this, Otherwise you should considered Hostinger VPS hosting.

Bluehost Dedicated Hosting

Bluehost dedicated hosting is a much powerful hosting that can handle a lots of traffic. I will only recommend this hosting if you have a news website or any other existing website that receives a huge traffic.

Hostinger Dedicated Hosting

Hostinger does not gives such plans they call there VPS hosting as Dedicated hosting plan. But if you ask me, What option should you choose than my answer will be the Dedicated hosting of Bluehost.

But if you have not a good amount of fund than you should go for VPS hosting of Hostinger. This was Bluehost vs Hostinger Comparison till now. Let’s move ahead.

Why I suggest Dedicated hosting? Because in this hosting you get a dedicated server for your site in which you also get a personal hosting manager.

Pros And Cons of Hostinger

Provides You the cheapest hosting planRenewal rate is very High
Gives you an awesome customer support 24/7The supporting team takes longer time
99.9% Uptime GuaranteeShared Hosting of Hostinger is Weak
A lot of plans that you can go withAlso a lot of confusions, that may led you to buy a wrong hosting plan for you.
Pros and Cons chart of Hostinger

Pros And Cons of Bluehost

It is a very strong hosting with a strong server.Rates are very high, But I would say it is worth it.
Gives you an awesome customer Chat and phone support 24/7.They upsell there plans, But that all depends on you, whether to buy or not.
99.9% Uptime Guarantee Does not Provides Cloud Hosting.
Has a very detailed and necessary plan structure. That reduces your confusion.—————————-
Pros and Cons chart of Hostinger

So Guys, this was all about Bluehost Vs Hostinger comparison. I hope you must have go the idea about which hosting you should go for.

If you are still facing problem in choosing the best hosting for yourself. Then you can contact me through the comment box. I will be more than happy to help you out.

Till then..

Have fun!

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