9 Best Ways to Promote Digistore24 Product.

Hey guys, Here are 9 Best ways to Promote Digistore24 Product that you should be know of.

Are you an affiliate marketer? I guess YES. So if you want to Promote Digistore24 Product online and earn a good amount of money. Then let me tell you that you have landed on one of the best page on internet.

What is Affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing means promoting other’s product without owning one to get a good amount of commission from the vendor. Affiliate marketing is an amazing way to get started with online earning.

Ways to Promote Digistore24 Product

For getting sales on any product the most important thing you need is right and targeted TRAFFIC. There are a lot of methods through which you can bring traffic to your affiliate product. There are mainly two types of traffic, i) Paid Traffic ii) Free Traffic. We will talk about both of them.

Promotion through Free Traffic

There are a lot of free traffic sources that can be utilized for promoting affiliate products. And actually those methods are the best ways to promote these products.

You get a good number of affiliate commission for absolutely free. So let’s see each and every free traffic sources through which you can promote Digistore24 products online.

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1. Through Question Answering Sites (FREE)

A) Quora

Quora is a platform/site where people come and ask there questions and if someone can answer the question they answer it. The most amazing thing is that there answers rank in Google too.

Do you guys have any idea that how much monthly traffic does this website receives? If no then let’s check it through a website called similarweb.

free traffic report

Guys you can see that it receives a traffic of 558.33 million and that’s a huge number. Even if you convert 1% then you can make an extremely handsome amount of money.

Now let’s check that from which location it gets more traffic. Basically we are going to see traffic to Quora by Country.

audience report

So guys in Quora most of the traffic is from United States which is mainly considered as a high quality traffic. And it also receives traffic from tier countries that is again considered as a very good quality traffic.

Get started with Quora-

  • Go to Quora.com
  • Click on Continue with Google/ Continue with Facebook
  • Wait for 2 seconds
  • Choose category of your interest
  • And Yeah! your Quora account is ready.

Start answering the questions asked by people. And place the link of your blogpost or landing page in the middle of the article or even at the end mentioning that “Click Here for More Information

So that when they click on your link he directly come to your page. And from there he will buy your affiliate products and you will get commission from that.

My free total Quora traffic

Here you will see how much traffic I have received from Quora only working for less then One hour a day. I received this traffic for absolutely free and I consider this one of the Best Ways to Promote Digistore24 Product.

My free traffic- Best Ways to Promote-Digistore24- Product

B) Medium

This is also an amazing website that allows you to answer the questions asked by millions of people. You can promote your affiliate product here as well.

Medium free Traffic

You can check more details about the traffic of Medium.com here

The method is quite similar as Quora. You need to answer the questions of the people and can place a link anywhere in the article. This is how the interface of medium.com looks.

This is also an amazing idea to Promote Digistore24 Product. You can use this method to promote any product, But you must be aware of that you do not adhere any policy of this website or else you will get suspended.

C) Bloglovin

One of the best question answering site ever. If you are a blogger of an affiliate marketer. This website is a boon for you. The best part about this website is it gives you “dofollow” link. Yes guys, You heard that right. This one can also be the Best Ways to Promote Digistore24 Product

This website has a huge potential in coming future. And also a huge audience, Even if you convert 1% percent of its total audience you are going to be the next millionaire in your family.

This is the overview of the website, You can publish you content and here and can link to you website.

Bloglovin free trafficBest Ways to Promote Digistore24 Product

Check out the total traffic of Bloglovin here

3. Through PAID Ad :-

Paid ads have been proven very effective to Promote Digistore24 Product bring out the desired result in less time. There are a lot of paid ads you can go for Like Google ads, Being ads, Facebook ads, Quora ads and a lot many more in the market.

But as a blogger and a digital marketer since 2019 I would suggest you to go with google ads or Being ads. Most important thing before choosing any ads platform is to analyze you product.

Let’s suppose your product is more oriented to youth then you must go for Facebook ads or Instagram Ads, Because youths are more active on Facebook and are more likely to buy the product.

In the same way if you product is more likely to women than you can prefer Pinterest ads, Because 80% of Pinterest audience are women hence this increases the rate of conversion. Let’s take an over view of these ads.

A) Google Ads

One of the most trusted ads ever in Digital marketing field. Google ads have more searches than any other ads. But it is more costly than any other ads, The changes of conversion is high in this ads.

As this is a search engine ad you can target any kind of legal audience. But this ad needs a lot of practice to learn the optimization process. Here is the over if my Google ad account.

Google Ads- Promote-Digistore24-Product

I would only suggest you to come to google ads only if you have a budget of at least $400 to $500. Because there is a high number of searches in Google ads and also 80% chances to get conversions, This is one of the Best Ways to Promote Digistore24 Product.

B) Facebook Ads

Facebook ad ( now know as Metaverse) is also one of the best platform to market your affiliate product. Total monthly users of Facebook is 2.85 Billion. So there is a huge potential also you can find every kind of audience.

Face Book Ads- Promote-Digistore24-Product

Facebook is mostly used by Youths, If your product is youth oriented then this platform is highly suggest.

But these days Facebook ad policy is highly strict, Before promoting Digistore24 product on this platform you must master Facebook ads through some courses or YouTube videos.

This platform provides the Keyword manager tool through which you can target a variety of audience and can reach to the highly targeted audience. And hence boost your conversions this is one of the Best Ways to Promote Digistore24 Product. As it is much cheaper than Google Ads.


Instagram and Facebook are globally used by millions of people. There are a lot of potential in these social media platforms. But not many people know that one can Promote Digistore24 Product through them.

You can make a Instagram page (Recommended) or a Facebook page. First of all you have to make some post related to the benefits of the product you are planning to promote.

Suppose you are planning to promote a weight loss product first of all you need to gather audience that keeps interest in these kinds of stuffs.

Later they will be your potential customers. Do not directly post about your product. First 150 – 200 posts you have to make about the benefits/tips about weight loss.

By this you will have an audience that keeps interest in weight loss. And they are more likely to buy your product.

After that pitch your audience to buy the particular product and that can bring an unexpected results for free. It is not free It costs your time.

4. By Creating E-B ooks

E Book creation is a passive source of income if you do it the right way. Only creating a valuable E book won’t work. You need to market it to the targeted audience.

Let’s take an example where you Created an E Book in which you are guiding about weight loss. So in this E Book you can suggest some weight loss pills available on Digistore24 and give a link to that product.

Until someone reads it and buy your recommended product you can earn a good commission. This is one of the best method to Promote Digistore24 Product online.

5. Through YouTube Videos

In this era people love to watch videos rather than reading out long articles. There are a total of 2.3 Billion users on YouTube. That means a lot of potential to grab. YouTube videos have been proven one of the best way to Promote Digistore24 Product. Not only Digistore product but any kind of product.

Because you get a genuine and audience in YouTube who an trust you. And buy your affiliate product

We can create a review video about any product you like. But be very honest with your review fake reviews are not the right way to generate conversions.

Your audience might buy with your fake reviews but remember that Digistore24 provides 30 Days money back guarantee, The buyer can return it and you won’t get any penny.

6. Writing Blog Post

Before buying any product we reach online some reviews and to know whether the product is legit or not. So, you might have noticed that when you type ” weight loss product review”

A lot of articles would come on this topic, And when you click on any of those article you see the review and also a BUY NOW button that button is integrated with the affiliate link of that particular product.

That is actually an affiliate link redirecting you to the product to buy it. And when you make a purchase the site owner receives some sort of commission.

Blog post is a bit time consuming, You write articles and then it ranks on Google, Ranking on Google takes some time because it is all AI developed system.

So Guys this was all about “Best Ways to Promote Digistore24 Product” share this blog post and let others also know about these free and paid methods.

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