Best Hosting For Beginners in 2021

Hey guys, Hope you must be doing good in your life. Todays in this article we will be seeing about the best hosting for beginners in 2021.

As most of the thing is moving in online platform, there are a lot of people who started online business and now they do not care about the rent of the house or the electricity bills of there physical place. They just work from wherever they are comfortable.

Plans Regular Price Spring Sale Price Activate
Basic$3.95/mo$ 2.95/mo*
Plus $5.95/mo$5.45/mo*
Choice Plus $6.95/mo$5.45/mo*
Pro $13.95/mo$12.95/mo*


Bluehost Vs Hostinger Comparison: Which is Best?

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I have tested a web hosting that is suitable for the beginners that you must know about. Keep reading this post till the end to get the best review and recommendation that can save your money from getting waste in wrong web hosting.

Let me clear you that I am not going to tell you here a bunch of web hosting which will make you confused,

I know that you are confused, You read a lot of article and saw a tons of YouTube videos, And still you are confused, But now that’s gonna end.


The web hosting which I am talking about is BLUE HOST yes guys Bluehost. You must be thinking that what is in this hosting that others hosting company does not provide.

Yes, Let me first clear you that, the Best thing about this Web hosting is that it always keeps your site alive. And will handle a massive traffic.

Why to Choose Blue Host

Best Hosting For Beginners
  • 99.99% uptime Guarantee
  • Free SSL certificate
  • Daily/weekly Backup
  • User friendly Interface
  • 30 days No Questioning Money back Guarantee
  • SSD storage (which most the hosting just pretend to provide)
  • Custom Themes
  • 24/7 Expert Customer support
  • Free one Year Domain
  • Free Content Delivery Network (CDN)

Highest up time that is 99.99%

Free SSL Certificate

If you do business online that security is a big deal. No customers will remain in your site if it is not secure and safe.

And let me tell you that if you go to buy SSL certificate online. It will cot you nearly about $10 to $12 and Blue host is providing you free of cost.

And as you are a beginner you must not have a huge fund to invest that’s the reason why I included this in the list of Best Hosting For Beginners.

Daily Back up

I wish this day never comes to you, Because as a Digital marketer since years I have gone through various problems.

And I want you not to go form those problem. Hackers might hack you site and can steal all your data and affiliate income. So the best thing about blue host is it provides you daily/weekly backup.

Through which your content is absolutely safe. If some how your website gets hacked. Still you can contact Bluehost’s responsive helping team and they will help you for sure.

Free CDN

CDN is a boon for your website loading speed, It means Content Delivery Network which means that, If someone opens your blog for the first time then the copy of your content will be saved in the users device.

And if that person opens your blog for the second time it will get loaded within seconds.

Basically it reduces the physical distance between the user and the server. And hence provides a better experience to the user.

Why Not Blue Host

Every thing has Advantages and Disadvantages and Blue Host too has some Disadvantages:-

  • High renewable Cost- The renewable cost is a bit high and That’s because they provide a very good service to there customers whole year.
  • Upselling And Addons- While buying there hosting you will see they sell a lot of extra things that are simply the wastage of money And nothing else.

Official Pricing Table

Now that’s all were the pros and cons that I think you should be known of if you are going to buy a hosting from Bluehost if you are a beginner.

I do not want that your precious time gets wasted that is why I explained all the pros and cons in the beginning.

But now if you agree or wish to buy then you cab scroll down and read more about this hosting. It’s totally up to you whether to buy or not.

So we were talking about blue host so basically blue host comes with the three planes that are mentioned in the chart list.

Best Hosting For Beginners

This is the official chart list of blue host where all the detailed information are given you can simply click on the the image and can get all the necessary details.

Various Tests of Bluehost

Now let’s test each and every thing that can prove that this hosting is really good. And I will personally suggest you to buy Only if you are satisfied with the result. In this review of Best hosting for beginners.

Otherwise there is not any need to waste your hard earned money in the wrong place. There are the things that we are going to review in this post-

  • Speed- We will test how fast your web site loads. The loading time and the response time, if it performs good we will then move to the next Test.
  • Performance- We will test how much traffic it handles and Till how many traffic it performs well, Meanwhile we will also test the loading speed once again.
  • Customer Support- The main thing which makes a Web hosting the best one is it’s customer support. It is an online stuff and as far as I know my audience they are not that much technical. So in Order to get the most help for the team, We need a good supporting team.
  • Reliability- We will check that will our website be alive 24/7/365
  • Pricing- In this section we will see is there any other hosting provider who is giving us the more services than Blue Host.
  • My personal Opinion- At last I will share with you my Personal opinion about this hosting company. Is it worth buying? And many more queries will be answered.

Blue Host speed test Result

For a faster website you need the best web hosting so as to reduce the Bounce rate of the site. To check the speed of blue host we did a Pingdom test and came with the result given below.

As you can see that the Performance Grade is super amazing and The Load time of the website is also very impressive. (This test is done using Pingdom)

P.S- This test is done in the WordPress default theme Twenty- Twenty.

However only test the site speed without traffic is not enough. We just can’t say you that this is the best hosting for beginners. So what we did is we tested this with the 100 visitors to see that How server behaves when it gets the request from several connection at once

So the image shown below are the test result of 100 visitors and the performing rate of the Blue Host web Hosting.

The green line is the number of active user on the site and the Blue line is the load time of the server.

As you can see that the server response time remained constant, What more do a web master needs? The result is super amazing till now.

Let’s try out another test!

P.S- No Down time was recorded while testing the server.

Bluehost Server Response Time

The server response time is super good. And this is the main thing where most of the hosting provider companies bow down there knees.

If Bluehost provides the best Server Response time than this is definitely In the category of the Best hosting for Beginners in 2021.

Miracle! The response time is also amazing and the performance is A+ which is great and can be go through option.

The response time in US is just super amazing which is 46 milliseconds in US (W) and 35 milliseconds in US (E). Damn God what to say now.

Bonus tip- Buy the server near to your target audience to get the best speed. Suppose your target audience is from US then you should go with the US server.

Let me tell you that 200 to 300 milliseconds is considered FAST. And 400-700 milliseconds is considered AVERAGE. And after this, all the results can be considered as slow and hence a not go through option.

Bluehost Customer Support

Customer support is the main thing through which you can trust a Hosting company. Only selling does not work now a days. But there customer service can tell you about there hosting.

There are a lot of hosting companies out there in the market. Things what makes each other different from others is the customer support.

Do they just sell and don’t care about the customers? In in the name of customer support they simply just provide a CONTACT US page and just don’t care.

We are going to check all these things in Bluehost, And I recommend you to buy only when you get the best customer support. So let’s see……

Bluehost provides you the 24/7 chat/phone support where you can talk to there experts and can tell your problems.

This is really helpful when you need a quick help and if it’s much technical for you. And a beginner gets a lot of problems in the beginning. So Bluehost provides you one of the best customer support.

Check Your Domain availability and Book it Now

Conclusion: Is Bluehost right choice for you?

According to me Bluehost is absolutely the right web hosting for the beginner because it provides 24/7 service for its every plan.

Bluehost is often ranked number #1 Hosting by many reviewers and experts. If you ask me that which plane you should go with then Dude, It is completely up to you.

As a reviewer I gave all the information related to Bluehost. Now you can go according to your Budget and requirement. Click here to view all the plans.

P.S- If you are a beginner then I suggest you to go with the basic plan, Because now you will not receive a huge traffic. Yes guys that’s the harsh truth, If you are coming in this field then you must invest at least 6 months to get few organic visitors to your website. After that when you start receiving visitors then you can update your plan.

Special Discount Coupon

Specially for the HOLDBLOGGING audience we have arranged a special coupon. You get a free domain for one year.

This offer will be automatically applied when you click on the purchase link or If not then you can Activate it from here.

Frequently Asked Questions About Bluehost

Is Bluehost really the best Web Hosting for Beginners?

Yes, It is one of the best web hosting because it provides SSD storage that makes you website load faster. And a lot of plans are available for that can be very helpful if you are a beginner. But you should remember that once you start getting traffic you will need to upgrade the plane.

Is it good for Woo Commerce online store?

Yes, In fact it is one of he best web hosting for making an online store. If you are going to start your first online store then definitely go for this.

Why Bluehost for WordPress?

Because Bluehost is officially recommended by WordPress. And if WordPress recommends it then there must be something good in that. And there are many more things that makes Bluehost one of the best web hosting for beginners.

Bluehost Vs Hostinger Comparison: Which is Best?

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